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Transition Earth Plan of Space Brothers

One must understand that the extraterrestrial presence is real, but that only 5% of it is comprised by negative aliens who agreed to deal with Earth nations to provide technologies of war and control. Benevolent extraterrestrials bear a mission of chiefly surveillance and spiritual assistance, that is at the consciousness level.

A fake belief has been implanted in the segment of the population supposedly awakened which represent around 20% in the Western world. On one side ufologists and their followers mainly refuse to hear anything about contacts refering to spirituality and a reality of planets with a more advanced spiritual society. On the other hand the segment of supposedly spiritually awakened people which includes the New Age and the teachings of masters from the Far East has built a belief system that the human body is only present on Earth and that therefore extraterrestrials are a kind of disincarnated entities, so-called etheric or bubbles of light and that UFOs do not really exist.

The result of this implanted belief system is that most of this 20% of the population do not listen much to the reports of physical contactees with space brothers, nor their teachings and warnings.

This is a major problem to reach the change of paradigm on Earth – see the 100th Monkey effect – with a new collective consciousness equivalent to those of other worlds dwelling in higher dimensional frequency bands.

Space brothers communicate by a higher form ot thought transfer, more advanced than telepathy, and which has absolutaly nothing to do with the phenomenon known as channeling so popular today. This system to call an outside entity to enter the aura was popularized since the 19th century by people like Blavatsky, Bailey and others, who published at times a similar 'Lucifer Magazine'. These methods and teachings announcing a 'new age' were used largely as a foundation stone by the so-called modern New Age.

High star beings contacted physically people on the ground in the mid 20th century. They basically ceased their communications around the 1990's saying that there was no need to repeat themselves endlessly. The overflowing mass of so-called channelings of New Agers has nothing to do with the real extraterrestrial fleet of more advanced worlds and the humanoid beings manning it.

At the opposite of the main belief developped by the New Age, planet Earth will not ascend as a block towards a 'new earth'. The mineral, vegetal and animal kingdom are already attuned to a transfer towards the 5th dimension. Such is NOT the case with the vast majority of humans; this according to their current level of consciousness. This so-called 'ascension' would proceed as follows :

This is a constant law of evolution in the universe : the state of consciousness triggers or manifest a reality of a specific frequency, this proven without any equivocation by the current quantum physics. One third of Earthlings are ready to manifest a 5th dimensional reality, another third has a consciousness of 4th dimension, and the last third want to basically remain inside a 3rd dimensional existence, all of this according to the universal law of freewill.

Thus the so-called planetary ascension should be better termed as a separation of the worlds, as announced by the Master known as Jeshua. To give a plain graphic image, planet Earth would split into 3 different planets, each phased with a particular collective consciousness. The existence of dimensions has been proven recently without the shadow of a doubt by official Earth science with the experiments at the CERN collider.

The goal of the benevolent extraterrestrial presence is to assist to these various splits and transitions, without direct interference, save for a global nuclear war or a major astronomical event.

Jean Michel, Journalist Writer Speaker in world congresses

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