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The healing stone circle of Men-An-Tol in Cornwall, England


Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to talk briefly today about healing.   When dealing with healing ourselves, whether it be something physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, many times we are forced to look deeper inside.  But with today’s hectic society and times, who has the time to do this without being constantly bombarded by the outside world?   How do we escape the outside world to do the inner work needed to help ourselves?

I have been blessed to have a partner where I can join in spiritual pilgrimages.  In these pilgrimages, we travel with like-minded people to sacred sites around the world one of many purposes including healings ourselves, Mother Earth and the world.   Here, for 2+ weeks, you are supported by others also wanting the same.   Here we let go of the 3D world, we are embraced by a magical land full of sacred sites to assist you with your intent, and we let magic happen.  When traveling to Sacred Sites with the intent of healing, amazing things can happen . . . Clarity, Insights and Transformation just to name a few.   

The astrology for our next spiritual pilgrimage to Sacred Avalon/England is looking very exciting.   The following is just a sampling of what the astrology will assist us with while we are in Sacred Avalon the first two weeks in July: 

-  Feeling safe to plunge into the depths of our being in order to allow healing to occur, 
-  Experiencing moments of spiritual insight and pure bliss, 
-  Opening us to new, powerful, healing experiences, 
-  Helping to heal the land by working with ancient ley lines, 
-  Truly living in right relationship with our Mother Earth and all beings, 
-  Enabling each person to feel that they belong as part of the group, whilst also honouring their own individual journey and experiences, and 
-  During this time, Earth and Water will be complimenting each other in a Grand Trine during this time.   Earth represents the land through which we will travel, and which will hold us as we journey physically. Water represents our inner experiences and the emotional and spiritual transformations that we experience, as we journey inwardly.

Being on a spiritual journey, in sacred sites, during these times magnifies these intents even greater.  Just being in Avalon/England, regardless of the astrology, is magical and healing in itself.  The land feels alive, and you can feel it embrace you.  You can feel the vibrations of Arthur, Guinevere, the Lady of the Lake, and Merlin permeate the entire landscape.  Not to mention that everywhere you look, you see connections to Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, etc….  :)  Then, when we add the best part, traveling in these places with like-minded soul family from around the world, you will create memories that will last a life time.

So should any of this resonate with you, I would like to invite you to join myself, Aluna Joy and Marcus Mason on our next pilgrimage to Sacred Avalon.   To read more about our Sacred Avalon Pilgrimage, click here:

CHALICE WELL - a timeless and sacred place that is full of legend, 
sacred geometry and tangible healing energy.

To read our local England guide’s complete (Marcus Mason) astrology report for this time, click here (see the top right column):

If you are into the “ins and outs” of astrology, you can also see Marcus’ Astrological Chart Here:

With Much Love, 


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Nice posts, thanks for sharing!

The triumph of life is the triumph of goodness now & forever! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)



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