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Comment by steve hutchinson on January 26, 2018 at 10:48am

Comment by ramsiel on November 26, 2017 at 10:21pm
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NOVEMBER 28, 29 & 30, 2017
The online-encounters with Braco's gaze will be live-streamed
Comment by ramsiel on September 3, 2017 at 9:26pm
Comment by steve hutchinson on April 18, 2017 at 5:10am

We are sitting in the garden of Istvan's Surya Sangita Ashram, in the shade of an old walnut tree. All around us peace and quiet. Then he takes his guitar and breaks the silence with song. "Everything is singing. Every blade of grass, the flowers and this old walnut tree, too. Beautiful, old songs to bless the place ", he sings. "Here we sit under it, and I feel that it's incessantly chanting. Still, motionless. I'm sitting here and I'm flying with it. I'm singing its song, hugging its waist, over an infinite time. Its green foliage adorns the sky. Each flower is smiling."
How did you find your voice?

"If you sing from the heart, you can connect to the beautiful cosmic world, where there is no past and no future. Only the blessed present exists there. We do not judge anything or anybody, we're just existing in this beautiful flow, between heaven and earth. If you sing, you're in wholeness, in the blessed palms of God, in the flowers' field, smiling at the heart, and all difficulties evaporate. The soul is happy and the spirit expands. The constraints, which were built by the mind, crumble in an instant. You're free again, like a bird. You are alive and creating again. You take part in the divine creation and in the magic that is honest and pure. You don't want to control or change it, just let it lead and teach you."
So it's like a deep meditation?
"You make magic when you sing. Especially if you sing while deeply engrossed, which brings you into the joy of the moment. If you sing every day, the channel that connects you with nature opens. All your feelings of pain and emotional suffering disappear. You are renewed. The chant cleans and opens all seven of your energy centers. You live happily in the temple of the body, in this holy place again."
How does the singing cure?
"All your cells are glad and happy when you sing. You don't talk and think then. Every chant is in the present, and present is the moment of the divine wholeness. Many people start to cry at my concerts. They cry because poisons, problems, pain and hardness disappear from your body this way, and sensitivity, kindness, beauty, loving reception and harmony re-seats there. You don't have to defend yourself and be afraid of anyone in this state, you only exist in this timeless state, like a flower, which stretches up to the light, happy in the rain, the dew, the wind."

What do you teach to anyone who goes to the Surya Sangita Ashram?
"First of all, I urge you to cast off your fears. Leave at home the kind of defense, constant control, and fear with which you have traveled so far. Arrive at the site, among the flowers and caress them. Just sit in the grass and feel this divine state. Arrive into the sanctuary. Then I ask you to forgive yourself and others. Step inside the shrine and meditate. Listen to the sound of cosmic creation, return to the womb. Be reborn without pain, sadness or any kind of compliance. Just listen, be the witness, the observer. Do not judge, just listen, flow with the nature, wave with the wind. Just be in the moment, just be. Become who you are. Then start singing the sounds of the chakras. Because the chakras have not only colors, they have voices too."
 Then, with great respect and love, I thank God for such a great gift that these songs could find a place in my heart."
written by: Krisztina Chilembu, Istvan Sky

Comment by ramsiel on September 5, 2012 at 12:59am

Marijuana & Health:
Appearing in the latter half, Clint Werner, who has worked in the field of preventive health for over 25 years, discussed how certain chemicals called cannabinoids (found in marijuana plants) have amazing healing properties, and can protect the brain by reducing inflammation. One cannabinoid, CBD, is not associated with psychoactive effects, but is being bred into plants because it has medical value such as protecting the eyes of diabetics from retinopathy, he reported. It's been found that cannabinoids have a multi-faceted ability to shrink and inhibit tumors, as well as kill mutated cells, he continued.
While marijuana has traditionally been used to alleviate symptoms from chemotherapy treatments, it's now being experimented with to see if it can function as a chemo agent itself, he detailed. For instance, a concentrated form of cannabis oil taken orally has been shown to shrink or eliminate tumors, he said. Werner also spoke about the struggles of the medical marijuana movement. Though legal in states like California, the situation is complicated by the plant being illegal on a federal level, and some users and providers are still prosecuted. He believes legalization of medical marijuana is inevitable, with possible passage of laws in Colorado and Oregon on the horizon. For more, check out a video of a speech Werner gave at Seattle Hempfest 2012.

Comment by ramsiel on December 13, 2011 at 1:58pm
Comment by ramsiel on November 3, 2011 at 6:01pm

Greetings Everyone,

 Come join us for the complimentary 30-minute Medical Miracle teleconference to discuss the new medical healing templates, detailing their creation and various applications. This event will be held this Saturday, November 5 at 10:00 AM (pacific time). The access code information for this free session can be found at the link below.


Looking forward, Bryan


Medical Miracle Teleconference

Comment by ramsiel on October 31, 2011 at 8:22pm

Visit for more info.

For the energies of November visit

Comment by ramsiel on October 7, 2011 at 10:03pm
Comment by ramsiel on August 31, 2011 at 5:00pm


Excerpt-Decoding the Bodys Health Program - Teleconference took place on August 27, 2011

What exactly determines health? What are the components supporting what the body experiences as ill health. We live in controversial times regarding health practices; food choices. Although the diet matrix plays a significant role, the condition of health is really about the body's response to underlying energetic patterns. Each condition, imbalance, discomfort or disease is a frequency pattern. The question should then be what is it that supports the pattern; where does it all spring from.

The method of deriving fuel from food is really a secondary process one which we have come to rely on as a final option in sustaining the body. However there are even more compelling features in maintaining the vessel of the body. There are options and capabilities which far exceeds the food matrix program.

This workshop aims to examine the particulars which exceed time and space as we have defined them to be in relationship to these physical bodies. We will explore the following areas:

1) DNA and hidden data

2) Stem cells and consciousness

3) Pre-programmed health cycles

4) Eating energy

5) Changing the dis-ease programs

6) Your core belief about your health

7) Understanding the necessity of dietary alignment (it's not what you think it means)

8) Running from illness

9) Operating from a space of fear vs a natural course of wellness

10)Overriding external health programs

11)Health and the evolving being




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