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Healing Pyramids of Atlantis


Healing Pyramids of Atlantis

Method of Balances of subtle energy of mind, emotions, subtle body and chakras. Using Intuition, Knowledge, Meditation Create your health & transform lives.

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Fire cleans Spirit inside a pyramid.


fire cleans spirit

Fire is established in one of pyramids. Sometimes on this fire figures are formed of carbon.
Water is established in a glass vessel in other pyramid. Medical tree (a cedar) is established in the third pyramid. Crystals of quartz is established in the fourth pyramid.

Healing pyramids of Atlantis

It's the designs, which height - 2,5 - 2,7 metres or 7 - 8.8 feet
Complex of the energy healing pyramids are constructed of color glass, metal, stone, ceramics, tree, amber, different crystal, turquoise, corals, amethyst, azurite, nephrite, porcelain, ceramics, and other materials. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc and cupronickel.

New data are received by a method radiesthesia (pendulum) and channeling.

Pyramids, which have crystal shape give life energy, energy balancing and do healing chakras, aura, subtle bodies and karma correction (cleaning past life – reincarnations), without contact, only on your photo on any distance.

Healing pyramids of Atlantis - Karma Correction tools.

Healing hand

Rays of energy go outside from fingers of hands

Energy rays of body & pyramids.

Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 2

1 - 7 chakras system

Healing pyramids

Book: ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8

Chakras above the head

chakras above the head


Chakras above the head



It is a design in the form of an obelisk which allows operating streams of subtle energy and carries out functioning of all system of chakras: as the chakras above a head, so and the first 7 chakras of a body and a head, and also the diaphragms (3) are located under foot.


The height of the design is 2, 5 meters (8 foot).


21 chakras go out from a lateral surface of obelisk, 3 diaphragms or chakras of the flat shape are located horizontal plan. One of them (1) is located in the top of part, another diaphragms (2) divides all construction on two unequal parts – 7/1, and the third diaphragms (3) is located in the bottom part of a design.


In the top part of a design are placed 21 chakras above the head. Diaphragms (2) corresponds to chakra 8 from data Syndi Dale and also it is located over a head.


The bottom part of a design under diaphragms (2) contains known 7 chakras of a body and a head. The diaphragms (3) in the bottom part of a design corresponds to chakra 10 from data Syndi.



Discussion Forum

Pyramid dimensions, multidimensionality & shape of pyramid.

Started by Konstantin Sep 12, 2010. 0 Replies

Pyramid dimensions, multidimensionality & shape of pyramid.The subtle energy healing. Spiritual energy pyramids. Shapes & Functions. It is possible to show the influence of structure of…Continue

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Healing chakras above the head.

Started by Konstantin. Last reply by ramsiel Mar 25, 2010. 1 Reply

Healing Chakras above the head, phobia of past lives & accumulation of Divine Spirit. Chakras system above a headEnergy Healing Chakras. The healing chakras for function energy healing pyramids.…Continue

Tags: correction, subtle, energy, head, above

Kirlian effect for testing subtle energy.

Started by Konstantin Nov 3, 2009. 0 Replies

Kirlian effect for testing subtle energy.The way of fixing and measurement of a luminescence of fingers of hands, feet was applied to an objective estimation of efficiency of influence of a complex.…Continue

Tags: subtle, energy., testing, for, effect

Meditations, Prays, Yoga exercises and pyramids.

Started by Konstantin. Last reply by nadja Jun 5, 2009. 3 Replies

When I have started to study practice of respiratory exercises or Yoga, meditations i have found in ancient sources such recommendations. The most effective receptions (respiratory exercises)…Continue

Tags: and, pyramids., exercises, Yoga, Prays

Water, stones & pyramids

Started by Konstantin. Last reply by bridget orman Jun 4, 2009. 2 Replies

Water - one of the most important elements which clean the surrounding world and form a body of the person. Also water is applied in all religions of the world.In my practice water takes the…Continue

Tags: pyramids, &, stones, Water

Theory of Healing Energy methods

Started by Konstantin. Last reply by Mary Sadd Jun 2, 2009. 1 Reply

On representation of philosophy Dao (道) the world has arisen from initial energy chi (Qi 氣), in which energy YIN and YANG are still mixed. Streams of this energy chi (similar to a wind), are…Continue

Tags: methods, Energy, Healing, of, Theory

Energy beams of body & energy of pyramids.

Started by Konstantin. Last reply by valerie ann moss Jun 1, 2009. 1 Reply

Ways of movement of energy beams (of subtle energy) in a body and places of their exit are known in the literature of energy medicine and Polarity therapy (Randolph Stone N.D.,).Enel (Sarjatin M. V)…Continue

Tags: energy, pyramids., &, body, beams

As works the elementary pyramid shape.

Started by Konstantin Mar 1, 2009. 0 Replies

The elementary pyramid shape works as a vacuum cleaner or the compressor for a substance of spirit, carrying out functions of an absorbing, a compression, and a filtration of subtle energy. An arrow…Continue

Tags: pyramid, shape., elementary, the, works

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