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Karma Correction tools. Diagnostics of Karma, subtle energy communication. Karma testing & healing. Create your life and fate by Cleaning Spirit . If you do not know laws of karma it does not exempt you from responsibility and punishment.

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Diagnostics of Karma, energy communication between reincarnations & generations.

Karma laws. Testing karma, past lives - reincarnations.
What regulates the processes of life and destiny?

Fate, Karma or impact of past lives.

The ancient philosophy of the East believed that the process of life governed by the laws of karma. Of these laws, it follows that past lives doing significant impacts on our life. Current Research: Data Dr. Stevenson and data of regressive hypnosis confirm the assumption of the knowledge of the ancient philosophies.

Diagnostics of Karma & Subtle energies from past lives

The available observations and research lead to the conclusion that our life is the main way for Healing past lives. Modern researches has allowed to define three types of Karma or three groups of causes which influencing on the process of life.


Past lives & Karma test.

* Karma from the past lives (last life)

- reincarnations, (researches Dr. Stevenson, data of regressive hypnosis); This can be corrected by Energy healing past lives.

It’s need karma testing or testing & healing the subtle energies contacts between reincarnations.
Karma from parents, heredities
(genetics, hereditary behavioral signs);

It’s need karma testing or testing & healing the subtle energies contacts between generations.

This can be corrected by Energy healing past lives. Balancing subtle energy.

Karma from acts of the current life
from your mind, knowledge, consciousness or from your outlook, errors, illusions, dogmas. It’s need cleanse Consciousness, Sub consciousness.

This division is not absolute because your health depends on your past lives and genetic inheritance. Researches have shown close interrelation between subtle energy chakras, patrimonial karma, reincarnations of the past lives and health.
Karma & subtle energy of chakras.

Karma from parents - subtle energies communication from parents to children.
Karma testing from past lives
Signs of past lives - reincarnation
Signs of reincarnations which have been received in researches Dr. Stivenson:
* 1. Memoirs, about past life which it was possible to confirm from several sources.
* 2. The qualities of the behavior which reason took place in past life or was similar to behavior in past life. These qualities:
* -- Phobia - fear before the things which steel the reason of a trauma, a mutilation or have led to death (for example, fear to water if in the previous life the death has occurred in water).
* -- Predisposition to things with which they have been most connected in past life.
* -- Emotional communications (the same emotional behavior) with the certain people, which similar to emotional behavior between people in past life.
* -- The collective enemy - emotional communications between people who express, for example, in nationalism.
* -- Religious habits, propensities to religious behavior, to the religion form. -- Speech habits.
* -- Claims on possession of the property.
* -- Public own imagined image.
* -- The behavior specific to a gender type, (it more visible when a gender type differs from gender of past life).
* -- Features of sexual behavior.
* -- Games of children, which correspond to private or professional activity in the previous life.
* -- Hygienic standards.
* 3. Physical signs which are received from the events of past lives: Stains on a skin are formed in places (deadly) wounds of past life.

These are very important proofs because probably to establish them objectively and undoubtedly. Dr. Stivenson photographed the big number of such proofs. Reincarnation research .

Testing infinite being & past lives.

Researches in the field of psychology have shown that by means of regressive hypnosis it is possible to find out many episodes of its past lives in sub consciousness of the person.
More often these episodes of past lives are connected with strong emotional experiences which become the reasons of illnesses in this life. It has been confirmed in researches which were spent by means of hypnosis.

In researches of Dr. Stivenson there are descriptions Memoirs, about past life of people who were not the DNA relatives. There are Memoirs, about past life in other countries.

There are researches which are making by means of hypnosis. That confirmed Memoirs, about past life.

It can be argued that hypnosis reveals the past life from the subconscious.

Testing infinite being.

Healing past lives - Tools & Methods

Distance energy healing.

I believe that all the known practice: yoga, meditation, prayer, Divine love energy, Spiritual healing pyramids, travel out of the body, Balancing subtle energy, etc., contribute to the cleansing of past lives.

Until you have did all that you need to do, you will find "the wheels of reincarnation" will continue to spin around you.

Karma laws.

Laws karma are connecting us,
but time will quickly fly by and again,
New turn of destiny will separate us.
We will dissolve in the infinity,
don’t recognize in future lives
that we have been a favorites

What experiences have you?
How many past lives we can find in our subconscious?

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Comment by ramsiel on July 15, 2011 at 12:10am

The Sound of Light


Karma Klear 

Feelings of Self Loathing,

Something is Wong with You, Not Good Enough


 This activation can assist you if you tend to have thoughts of self loathing, feel that you are somehow different to others, beneath others, have to apologize to others for how you are, feel that something is wrong with you, or that you are not good enough.

The cause is usually a series of past lives where you have been criticized, questioned, put down and generally not accepted by others.  These energy projections of other people's thoughts and actions remain in your energy field NOW as trapped patternsof discordant energy that when triggered by circumstances in your current life will begin to 'play' a familiar refrain.   However, please realize that the energy vibrating in your energy field or aura will directly translate into how you think and feel right now.   It does not matter that these thought vibrations were not originally created by you and just come 'at you'.  Over time, over many lifetimes, these energy thought projections of others have stuck like glue and have literally morphed into becoming part of your energy anatomy.

Now your challenge is to take control and realize that the thoughts that you think and feelings that you have are not necessarily created by you; that you are not hopeless or helpless and that when you take charge and begin to clear these old energy patterns you can program yourself with positive thought vibrations and be happy.

Jump start feelings of self love and peace and return to the
empowered, beautiful being you were meant to be.  Listen intensively to this energy activation and when you feel happier and stronger move on to other energy work on this website. 

All power to you...

Remember, you are magnificent, fabulous and beautiful.


To Use:

It is best to lie down and listen to this energy activation by ipod or on CD, listening through stereo headphones if possible.  Relax while listening.  Do not listen while driving or working.  If you need to listen directly from the website, sit erect with feet flat on the floor.  Have your  hands palm up, or follow the hand directions given during the activation.  Listen to the sound track three times at one session  for 7 days, a total of 21 times, or until no longer required.

Read the information on karmic clearing thoroughly so you understand this process.  Do not mix with other karmic clearing energy work.  You may do other energy work like Reiki or other energy activations or programs on this site, but listen at another time of the day.  Drink a glass of water before and after listening and ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. 




Comment by MEDARD DU ROCHER - BOPE on February 22, 2011 at 10:43am
thank you.
Comment by JanE.T. Mountcastle on February 20, 2011 at 6:26pm

Much appreciation for this. THANK YOU , THANK YOU ,THANK YOU.

 I have recently found out that I have ancestery from two opposing sides. Much karmic energies between the two. My love and healing energies will balence those.


Comment by Light on February 20, 2011 at 1:22pm
Comment by Lori on February 18, 2011 at 7:10pm
Great subject & Info! Thanks.            
Comment by ElouRa on January 3, 2011 at 10:26pm
Thank You`
Comment by ramsiel on September 12, 2010 at 5:30pm
Dear Konstantin,

I am very grateful for your interesting group.
Many thanks for this.

Gratitude, ramsiel


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