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Mystic Healing Art of Oscar Basurto Carbonell... Healing Touch of the Day.. It is about spiritual healing. It presents healing art works, inspirational, motivational writings and spiritual teachings, whose wisdom, light and color will enlighten..

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~ Author and Artist ~ Oscar Basurto Carbonell ~

Mystic Healing Art - Healing Touch of the Day - pdf

The Initiation

The day has arrived to understand the hidden mystery of the flower of life. There is so much to learn, to discover, to know. And in this way, to give the laws that truly establish the order of things, and to realize as personal experience, the living experience of the universe. As the understanding of the language of every kingdom of Nature, is revealed, to conquer ignorance, in order to overcome death, to defeat fear and to always have the power of true health. Then, let the book of knowledge, open, in front of my eyes, and let the chains of my mind, and my heart, break.

May I have wings, to furrow the firmament, and depth to touch the bottom of the seven seas. May the powers will not hide from me, neither their meaning. May I make friendship with Science, with Art and in the most perfect silence, may I contemplate the truth, with no space of separation and to be, just as the sun and the moon, and in this way, to be only one: life, man and the universe, without been different one from the other.

For that reason, learning, can be one of the greatest virtues, since is not only to be informed, documented, to investigate, but is to internalize, in such a way, that our understanding becomes the idea of our idea and foundation of the spiritual depth where we live and we are, for ourselves and for others, that is to say, the experience of knowledge, gives place to an awakening of consciousness, which, brings freedom as its natural consequence.

Because the walls that were closed and did not allow to see the light, have been broken now, making darkness and ignorance, to vanish.

To learn is to honor, to learn is to listen, allowing a superior good to happen to us, by taking and burning in the fire, deceit, lies and doubts. To learn is to be born to happiness, because this takes us to value, appreciate and definitely, to Love.

The learning is only accomplished with practice, the knowing is only accomplished with persistence, and there is only advance, with tolerance, patience and only the practice, gives place to skill. This, makes the heart of the perfect adept of knowledge, more humble, making his will, firm.


The strength in this path, is the power of absorbing the information, so it does not overflow into vanity and arrogance, since the learning and the knowledge, have its traps, and we have to be very alert, in order to stop the immaturity of mind and heart. And, then, in the depth of meditation, to extract from it, the substance, the essence of been free because of the aroma of the spirit that emanates.

To learn is to know and then to leave behind, what is not real. And, the mind, then, will witness, its own integral dissolution, in the abundant source of the flow of life, getting to know in this way, the art of knowledge, the spiritual rebirth, which is the sum of all the knowledge acquired.

Mystic Haling Art

"It is about Spiritual Healing.
It presents Healing Art Works, Inspirational, Motivational Writings and
Spiritual Teachings, whose Wisdom, Light and Color will Enlighten You.
Our Dream is to bring Peace, Happiness and Well Being into Your Life."


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Mystical Meditation

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Nothing happens by Chance

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I will never stop Loving

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Comment by steve hutchinson on April 18, 2017 at 5:09am

We are sitting in the garden of Istvan's Surya Sangita Ashram, in the shade of an old walnut tree. All around us peace and quiet. Then he takes his guitar and breaks the silence with song. "Everything is singing. Every blade of grass, the flowers and this old walnut tree, too. Beautiful, old songs to bless the place ", he sings. "Here we sit under it, and I feel that it's incessantly chanting. Still, motionless. I'm sitting here and I'm flying with it. I'm singing its song, hugging its waist, over an infinite time. Its green foliage adorns the sky. Each flower is smiling."
How did you find your voice?

"If you sing from the heart, you can connect to the beautiful cosmic world, where there is no past and no future. Only the blessed present exists there. We do not judge anything or anybody, we're just existing in this beautiful flow, between heaven and earth. If you sing, you're in wholeness, in the blessed palms of God, in the flowers' field, smiling at the heart, and all difficulties evaporate. The soul is happy and the spirit expands. The constraints, which were built by the mind, crumble in an instant. You're free again, like a bird. You are alive and creating again. You take part in the divine creation and in the magic that is honest and pure. You don't want to control or change it, just let it lead and teach you."
So it's like a deep meditation?
"You make magic when you sing. Especially if you sing while deeply engrossed, which brings you into the joy of the moment. If you sing every day, the channel that connects you with nature opens. All your feelings of pain and emotional suffering disappear. You are renewed. The chant cleans and opens all seven of your energy centers. You live happily in the temple of the body, in this holy place again."
How does the singing cure?
"All your cells are glad and happy when you sing. You don't talk and think then. Every chant is in the present, and present is the moment of the divine wholeness. Many people start to cry at my concerts. They cry because poisons, problems, pain and hardness disappear from your body this way, and sensitivity, kindness, beauty, loving reception and harmony re-seats there. You don't have to defend yourself and be afraid of anyone in this state, you only exist in this timeless state, like a flower, which stretches up to the light, happy in the rain, the dew, the wind."

What do you teach to anyone who goes to the Surya Sangita Ashram?
"First of all, I urge you to cast off your fears. Leave at home the kind of defense, constant control, and fear with which you have traveled so far. Arrive at the site, among the flowers and caress them. Just sit in the grass and feel this divine state. Arrive into the sanctuary. Then I ask you to forgive yourself and others. Step inside the shrine and meditate. Listen to the sound of cosmic creation, return to the womb. Be reborn without pain, sadness or any kind of compliance. Just listen, be the witness, the observer. Do not judge, just listen, flow with the nature, wave with the wind. Just be in the moment, just be. Become who you are. Then start singing the sounds of the chakras. Because the chakras have not only colors, they have voices too."
 Then, with great respect and love, I thank God for such a great gift that these songs could find a place in my heart."
written by: Krisztina Chilembu, Istvan Sky

Comment by ramsiel on July 4, 2013 at 6:31pm
Mystic Healing Art
July 3rd, 2013

We're sending this out to all our subscribers and wanted to make sure that you receive the information too. 


Our mission at Mystic Healing Art is to motivate and inspire people to realize their God given potential.

Sometimes this means teaching people how to meditate. Meditation allows the spiritual vision of the eternal reality and therefore, the liberation of pain, since we stop being spiritual ignorants and we reach the state of Spiritual Awakening.

Also, it means teaching you about Energy. The Energy that we refer to in Mystic Healing Art, is a special form of vibrating harmony. It is a force and source of equilibrium.


So, if you think that negative emotions, such as, stress, depression or anxiety could potentially be the stumbling blocks to your progress, or if you're tired of not being able to reach the level of potential that you always wanted.
We would like you to give these courses a try. 


You can find the details and found out more here>.|

Comment by ramsiel on June 2, 2013 at 8:32pm

Dear Ones,

To develop mastery in meditation is necessary to be free of every search and pre-established idea. Nevertheless, one should always do the best effort because to meditate is to learn to flow through the inner vision and this is as contemplating the horizon, which is always an integral look more than the concentration on an idea. Therefore, meditation is to deepen in the continuous effort that is compared with a river that flows. The idea is to expand the calm, the stillness and with this peace, wisdom and love will be experienced.

How to Overcome Fear and Self Doubt

Life is a succession of events, from which we achieve spiritual maturity. To doubt is only a method of the consciousness that helps us to understand things better, that is to say: The inner and outer reality.

If we have inner doubts, spirituality promises to free us from all those doubts through the real understanding of the meaning of the intrinsic way of life. Which is to live in order to realize Love. And then, doubts and unhappiness are transformed into the virtue of faith and the personal relationship with Love, which means, with God.

This is fundamental and crucial but is not a magic act that assures a life with no problems or difficulties. That is unreal and we have to understand that the human being is always very close to pain and suffering. And this is because of the nature of the mind.

Nevertheless, all those processes will be overcome, when the meaning of life is found, as far as values and morals are referred. This means that we will confront doubts, fears, etc, with enough courage and dedication to process every experience and to give our best.

To conclude: Human life will always be fragile. But when human life and the presence of Love, become one, then, all the common miseries of existence can be overcome. But not by the use of arrogance and power but by the humility of a heart that receives the grace and purity of the true and real God.

Comment by ramsiel on May 27, 2013 at 12:26am


If you could listen, if you could open your heart just for a moment. You would understand not with your mind but with your spirit, since sometimes the persons make a mistake and believe that the other persons are like rocks, walls. As if they were incomprehensible  and they do not see anything any more. If this ever happens to you, do not look at the rocks, look at the sea, the horizon. Look at the infinite sky and you will realize that the rocks that you saw, were only what you wanted to see. The Truth is further away. It is this infinity that loves you and that perhaps you could not understand.
- From "Understanding with the Spirit".

Comment by ramsiel on April 22, 2013 at 12:40am

Lack of Understanding about Death

Life is a school in which we will learn or face the extremes of life itself in which death is found.

To live, also means to know death and many times in an extreme painful, sudden and unexpected way.

Death is always tragic and it leaves us demoralized and hurt with a grief that seems to have no end.

Condemned to death but death is only a part of life, an aspect, a vision that we do not want to see; the confrontation with the deepest, most complex and abstract fear.


Death has two basic facets, my own death and the death of the ones who surround me, the ones that I love, and care about. Can anybody be ready for this ?
Can we avoid to feel pain, anguish, suffering and the terrible lack of understanding that gives the loss, especially when this being is deeply loved and recognized.



Comment by ramsiel on April 15, 2013 at 12:48pm
Faith is a Fundamental and Primordial Mystery

watch the slide show now

Comment by ramsiel on April 15, 2013 at 12:47pm


Mystic Healing Art. Inspirational Writings
"The Mystery of Truth"
"How to Overcome a Pessimistic Attitude"

The Mystery of Truth



We find the council of wise men, trying to interpret a fundamental root of the mystery about Truth.

They thought that Truth could be deciphered by fragmenting life into its most intimate and integral components. Then, the discussion entered a truly complicated topic:

Truth must be infinite but how can the finite man come closer to decipher or interpret the infinite?

Many said and presented different arguments but they all would yield since each wise man was only an apparent infinite like the sand of the sea, the stars, the clouds, the horizon.

And more complex and abstract like the mathematics, the illusions, the wishes, the dreams.

Many days and years passed until the day that accidentally a child, the son of one of the wise men came to the meeting and he listened attentively and inattentively but immediately understood that the discussion was empty.

They were saying in that moment:

-The infinite is like a mirror looking at another mirror and the infinite is the light wandering in space.

The child had already listened too much and said...

Read more

Comment by ramsiel on April 8, 2013 at 5:22pm


Mystic Healing Art. Healing Touch of the Day
"How to Overcome Fear"
"The Fundamental Things"
"It is your Decision"

How to Overcome Fear

There is something very important to consider in the study of the Spiritual Sciences. A sinister aspect per se, which is very important to overcome. I am referring to a fear out of proportion.

When it breaks the limits and changes from its real sense to become a living nightmare. This is pathological fear, which arises from a disease that continuously corrodes, weakens, confuses and obsess.

Fear, is like a type of sabotage of the most terrible power, since it subdues man, his will and takes him to the negation of himself. To overcome this, is necessary to deepen in the spirituality and the real sense of being.

Fear has tentacles that manipulates the will and blocks the heart, the opinion, identity, self love and love to others. Fear is the foundation of chaos. It always comes with inertia and neglect. But, when we place our attention in the spiritual values of faith and prayer. Then, fear disappears because it is ignorance, lack of understanding about the superior power of the Love of God. The spiritual strength is the cure of all fears and all traumas. The reason is, that spirituality is firm and has a feeling of solidarity with man. It never abandons him. It becomes a force that gives him, integrity and a powerful will.

Man is fearful, by example, of the unknown.

Comment by ramsiel on June 25, 2012 at 1:15pm
Healing Touch of the Day

Great changes of direction and meaning in life, begin after making a balance of our feelings and thoughts and reaching balance in our conscience and peace in our heart. 

What is Spiritual or Energy Healing and why does it work



God is Infinite, Perfect, Loving, Tender and Wise. He always sees, knows and feels us. He wants us to be free, in order to look for him and to know him. And he wants Love, Peace, Balance Perfection and Eternal Life for us. 

He wants our heart to be pure because Love will only know Love when there is no selfishness nor ambition left. When deceit and resentment can't be found in our heart. When we have become like a bird opening its wings to the wind and giving in, to navigate in the skies of hope, virtue, candor and friendship. From this loving God, the spiritual principle arises, which fulfills the function of preserving the harmony of life. 

Sometime ago, a very dear person asked :
What is the Spiritual Healing about ? 

And I answered: When you know that God exists, you also know that distance does not exist. And when you know this, your own breath gets the nourishment, to be (to live) in Divine Breath. This is the Source of Creation. There is nothing that happens in man or in the universe, where God is not present. And if you call Him, He will listen to you. I only remind you that He exists and that in front of His Presence, we are as light, with neither shadows nor anything to hide. 

Distant Healing is the same. To discover the eternal presence of the Beloved in the one who loves God and His Creation. This is the foundation, this is the reason, the grace of Love which is capable of reviving what is most inert and dead, because His natural Grace is abundant in life and this Grace is Peace, Prosperity and Health. I am only reminding you.

Spiritual Healing Frequently asked Questions



Comment by ramsiel on June 11, 2012 at 1:32pm


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