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All information on Ascension, Awakening, our Soul, Spirit, Mind, Body......

(Mystic Healing Art - Awakening)

The Ascension Program
is the energetic process of infusing all physical matter with a faster oscillation of light. This transforms all substance into a higher, lighter and more malleable frequency. Tangible reality becomes less fixed and definite and we develop an awareness of previously unseen or unacknowledged worlds and possibilities. Boundaries between 3rd dimensional existence and the spirit world decrease and we increasingly hear reports of sightings and communications from angels, devas and other 4th dimensional and inter-dimensional beings. We can look around us and see how the angelic kingdom has become more accessible in TV shows, movies, cards, statues and channeled messages on the Internet.

Individually, we are changing a consciousness based on conditioned beliefs founded in duality and the illusion of separation to an expanded consciousness of unity and co-creation with God. This is the divine plan for earth and for humanity. The seeds of peace and harmony are sprouting from the fertile seeds of discord. Those souls called to be wayshowers for Ascension have completed many initiations and have traversed the trials and tribulations of duality to gain the wisdom and sovereignty to create a new world. This will be the 7th Golden Age, a paradise world of unlimited potential and freedom, established in spiritual law and expressing itself in joy, creativity and magnificent beauty.

If you have been drawn to this material you have undoubtedly been experiencing a reordering of priorities and values. Some of you will have undergone dramatic awakenings and extreme changes and for others it will be more of a remembering and a knowing. Each person will be given opportunities to join one of the 12 waves of Ascension according to their soul plan. Therefore, to be in integrity it is appropriate to focus on your own inner guidance and growth process and allow others to respond in their own divine timing. Some souls are holding back in order to serve us by triggering our shadow aspects into conscious awareness so we can integrate and transform them. Through willing participation in this process of self-transformation, the human ego personality becomes an effective tool of our Higher Self.

 True freedom will be restored to our inner state of being when we experience our oneness with God and our unity with each other and all life. When this is authentically realized, power will express as the ability to act creatively for the greater good. Power over others will be but a dim dream we once had. Love will be unconditional and inclusive of all life-forms as part of God’s creation. Wisdom, attained from the distillation of our experiences, together with soul knowledge and our evolving intuition will allow us to take our place with other beings, planets and life-forms vibrating at the 5th dimensional frequency and beyond. Our earth will become a star and we shall take our place amongst the star nations. The promised 7th. Golden Age will be our manifest reality. As we become capable of vibrating at a faster frequency and can inhabit and sustain our light bodies, truth, goodness and divinity will reign supreme. It is our destiny to Ascend.
The 7th Golden Age
manifesting before us is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, which promises to create a new heaven and a new earth. Awakening to unity with the one creative source, humans are to be the co-creators of an age of love, peace and abundance. Our consciousness is becoming one with the mind and heart of God. Assisting us is a hierarchy of Ascended Masters under the orchestration of St. Germain. Personal guides, angels, extra-terrestrials and great luminous beings also help us. In the new millennium our perfected values will authorize us to create substance from light. We will become the promise of Jesus when he said,
“Greater works than these shall you do.”

In the 7th Golden Age
we shall create magnificent temples to replace commonplace structures. The ordinary shall be exalted into the extraordinary. Communication with the devic kingdoms will help us design fantastic gardens and parks full of vibrant flowers and glorious trees. With our creative forces we will cultivate new species of plants and animals providing us with extraordinary beauty and spiritual nourishment. Colors will be brighter and more radiant. Our environment will become a celebration of life and wonder as we rediscover our knowledge and harmony with the elemental forces of fire, water, earth, air and space. The stars and solar forces of power will become available to us to birth and sustain a life of unlimited abundance and infinite creativity. We shall become as Gods, at play in the Elysium Fields!

In the past we have had brief glimpses of Golden Ages. They existed because great beings and avatars illuminated particular areas of the planet. Legends arose of mysterious realms such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Shamballa and Shangri-la. They are visions of utopian culture. It is still possible to see the beautiful temples of Classical Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the opulence of Persia and marvel at the magnificent beauty and technology oftentimes surpassing modern times. Later, the art and culture of the Renaissance, especially in Italy, continued the legacy of grace. Sculptures and paintings exalted form and substance into divine elegance, celebrating the creative inspiration of humanity. The intricacies of Mayan and Aztec architecture remind us of our galactic origins and human potentiality. This 7th Golden Age is heralded as a permanent one where it is possible for every person to actualize their divine identity as sons and daughters of God. Humanity can step into a new arena of ease and elegance where struggle and strife are distant memories, powerless and ironic reminders of pettiness and limitation.

In the 7th Golden Age
we shall experience one thousand years of peace, prosperity and abundance! We are the pioneers, the avatars and initiators of bringing heaven to earth. We are the harbingers of contact and contract with our galactic brothers and sisters in knowledge and evolution. Now is our opportunity to move beyond the familiar into the potentiality of the vibrant frequencies of light and life. Now is the time to realize we are the co-creative forces of life with the divine. As you believe, so shall it be! The time is now!

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THE AWAKENING by Vicky Anderson

Library Light is a place for sharing the light books and various
documents (pdf, odt, scribd) important for awakening and our
spiritual growth

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Comment by steve hutchinson on July 9, 2018 at 12:35pm

A super-quick meditation that you can use to start your day or end your day before you enter the dream-state. In this meditation use starlight from the universe...Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love, Light, & Abundance to all of You, Steve

Comment by steve hutchinson on May 23, 2018 at 7:57am

Comment by steve hutchinson on April 18, 2018 at 8:05am

Expand Your Multi-Dimensional Capacity For Love By Steven Hutchinson

Affirmations are a great way to reprogramme the unconscious mind and expand your experience of your multi-dimensional Highest Divine Self. Steve Noble leads this one.

This is a beautiful & very powerful guided meditation and transmission of the Creator's Love & Light & Grace & Blessings from the Ascended Masters, Angels, & Goddesses helping mankind with their spiritual growth & ascension through Cynthia Charis.

This is another great affirmation track led by Steve Nobel to help us experience & expand our connection with our divinity. Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Love & Light to all of you,

Steven Hutchinson

Comment by steve hutchinson on February 6, 2018 at 11:11am

Experience Bliss With The Higher Self With These Transmissions...By Steven Hutchinson

Infinite Blessings of Love & Abundance to all of you,


Comment by ramsiel on December 10, 2011 at 4:22am
Weekly Wisdom
Weekly Wisdom
Comment by ramsiel on July 20, 2011 at 4:56pm

Leonard Jacobson:

The Invitation (Video Webcast)

This is a recording of a live video webcast of a Leonard Jacobson Evening Teaching Session. To find out more about Leonard's live webcast events, visit

In this video, Leonard shares some of the keys to awakening as well as some of the keys to living an awakened life. He invites us to respond to the powerful invitation constantly being presented to us by the present moment. This video invites the viewer into the deepest levels of awakened Presence.

Comment by ramsiel on July 15, 2011 at 3:59pm

Spiritual Magic



THE word magic is largely misunderstood, because there are various kinds of so-called magic, much of which is deception and trickery.

But there is a magic which might be called the unseen and hidden power to bring to pass certain desired results, without revealing its methods. It is called intention.

Its successful use requires a knowledge far beyond any kind of trickery, and is based on an innate spiritual force in man and nature.

Those who practiced it in ancient times were the initiates, the wise, called Magi — the source of the word magic.

Comment by ramsiel on July 6, 2011 at 9:44pm
Comment by ramsiel on July 6, 2011 at 9:33pm
Here you will find a voice that is kind, loving and wise...
Text goes hereTHE GUIDE WITHIN
July 2011 Newsletter
WELCOME New Subscribers!
I hope you're smiling and doing things you love to do! Enjoy this beautiful month of July in freedom and joy!
This newsletter is dedicated to your 24/7 internal guidance system - what I call the Guide Within.
I am here to assist your connection with this Guide. Please visit for resources, lessons, audio and written messages and lots of inspiration.
If I can be of service, please contact me at
In This Issue...

*  God Has Spoken Today
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God Has Spoken Todaytext goes here

Did you hear a bird sing after the rain stopped this afternoon? Did you notice the uplifting lyrics playing on the coffee shop radio as you picked up your morning coffee? Perhaps you overheard a mother's farewell call to a child running off to school. Or, you yourself said "I love you" as you said goodbye to a friend or family member.

In these ways, God has spoken today. Do not dismiss any loving word, any helpful comment, even any natural sound, such as water splashing or an animal call. God is always speaking. His voice cannot be silenced. Can you hear the drops of rain, the crash of thunder, the splash of waves, the chatter of a squirrel? God has spoken. Did you hear the teacher, the friend, the lover, the colleague, the neighbor, the singer, poet or author? Did any words touch your heart? Was anyone kind to you? Has anyone been polite, courteous, helpful, humorous, or encouraging to you? God has spoken today.

Even in the silence of your own heart, God has spoken today. Listen. Believe. Trust. Did he say "forgive," or "be brave," or "I'll show the way," or "rest in me"? Perhaps you heard, not words, but a feeling, a sense or knowingness. You got a message. God has spoken today.

His voice is not difficult to identify. It is the one that uplifts, that speaks kindly, lovingly and wisely. He speaks everywhere, all the time, and in any way possible. His message warms the heart, quickens the pulse, raises the thoughts to a higher level. If you are not noticing his words in the outside world, attend to them on the inside. There you will surely find them, if you are willing to listen with an open heart and a peaceful mind. Into every open heart and peaceful mind, he enters. It cannot be otherwise, for those are his dwelling places. Your heart is his, and his heart is yours. Listen - God is speaking today.

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Read previous monthly newsletters here:
 Audio of the Month 
This month's audio message concerns something that many are experiencing. Listen here:  Romantic Struggles (3:11)
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Many readers know that I provide private spiritual counseling sessions. This is a time that you can ask any questions that are on your heart, and I present them to Spirit for answers.
My clients have realized great impact from these sessions, as evidenced from these comments:
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"I will be forever changed."
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I look forward to speaking with you soon!
7193 SE Redbird Circle, Hobe Sound, FL 33455, USA
Comment by ramsiel on June 19, 2011 at 7:36pm

May the Heavens open and pour down a great divine flow of Light, Love and Power into your life--into the lives of your loved ones--and into your work. So be it...and it is so.

Be at peace. All is well.

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