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Summer Lightwave Party Live International Tele-Session

Summer Lightwave Party Live International Tele-Session

Saturday - July 21,  2018  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $25

Join us for this summer celebration, as we send luminous streams of light-energy into your body and home.  During this session over 100 Lightwave practitioners will gather together with us to transmit a multitude of subspace healing frequencies directly to you, working with each individual’s…


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FREE Journey to Atlantis International Tele-Session!

Join us for an amazing multidimensional journey to ancient Atlantis!  This session will expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary and psychic abilities.  You may access the session from Saturday July 14 at  6AM Pacific Time through Monday July 16 at…


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Multidimensional Summer Vacation Experience Live International Tele

Come join us for the best summer vacation you will ever have!  Take a magical psychic journey with the Ashtar Command to many amazing sites around the world and exotic vacation locales to activate new star portals, relax on the beach, gamble in Monte Carlo and party around the world.  This will be a one of a kind…


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Full Moon Regenesis - Receiving the Gift of New Knowledge


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Lightwave Training - Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday & Sunday  -  May 19 & 20th, 2018

Lightwave Energy Technology

 Experience the Latest Miracle in Healing & Transformation!

Welcome! Come join us for this new expanded Lightwave…


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My Blooms M. J. Rose


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I Will To Be ..... ? By Steven Hutchinson

I Will To Be ..... ? By Steven Hutchinson

What I was divinely guided to share with you very much focuses on using your breathing together with the prayer affirmations to help you experience more fully Your Divine Self with your Soul & The…


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How to Bargain Your Way Out of A Flatline Live International Tele-Session

Saturday - May 5,  2018  9:00 AM  (/Pacific Time) $20

Feeling stuck? Are things not manifesting for you like they should?  The many facets of a spiritual flat line include bad habits, lack of discernment, fear of the future and complacency.  Whether you are doing…


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Things We Dare Not Speak Live International Tele-Session

Saturday - April 21,  2018  9:00 AM  (/Pacific Time) $22

There are many subjects that a selected group of the Ambassador teachers know about, but rarely mention or elaborate on. These things include dark activity that influences and impacts all individuals around…


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Paramagnetic Alignments Live International Tele-Session

Saturday  April 7,  2018  9:00 AM - 11 :00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)  - $75

Enter the Cave of Secrets to explore and discover the mysteries of your eternal soul!   Journey with Galactic Masters Soltec, Hatonn, Voltra and Ballerian into a…


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How To Become An Ashtar Commander Live International Tele-Session with Bryan

Saturday - March 24,  2018  9:00 AM  (/Pacific Time) $33

Come join Bryan and the Starship Commanders for an exciting session of fun and exclusive behind-the-scenes inside information and star infusions.  Learn about your upcoming galactic citizenship and the current…


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Magical Music!

Check out these uplifting music tracks designed to upgrade your energy and your space!

LightQuest International…


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EarthStar - Navigating the Matrix Live International Tele-Sessionn

Saturday  March 10,  2017  10:00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)  - $33

This groundbreaking, exciting and insightful series opens a new window of understanding as how to navigate through our often complicated, expensive and counter-productive…


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Earth Star Live International Tele-Session

Saturday - February 10,  2018  9:00 AM  (/Pacific Time) $25

How do planets transform from a lower dimensional format into a higher dimensional reality?  Come join Bryan & the Ashtar Command for this ground breaking discussion on how we can…


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Working With The Divine Energies of The Creator By Steven Hutchinson

Working With The Divine Energies of The Creator By Steven Hutchinson
Below are some of the divine threads of the vast Energies of the Creator. Calling them forth in your…

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Psychic Medium Training Course Live International Tele-Session

Psychic Medium Training Course Live International Tele-Session

Saturday & Sunday - January 27th & 28th ,…


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Chaos/Eros/Love and the January 2018 Timings by Cayelin Castell

Happy New Year,

With a January 1 and 31 Perigee Full Moon plus Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31 this month starts and ends fully illuminated. There are many other major celestial events inspiring this first month of 2018 including Sirius on the Midheaven, Eros with Sun and Venus, Earth Perhelion, a super close Jupiter Mars conjunction with Zubenelgenubi, Venus Sun and Pluto coming together, Moon occultations, and additional insights into Chaos and…

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Miracle on New Year’s Eve Live International Tele-Session

Sunday - December 31,  2017  6:00 PM  (/Pacific Time) $5

Launch your new year with a massive multi-dimensional burst of energy, excitement, inspiration and miracles!  Join Bryan and the LightQuest team as they broadcast live from Bryan’s home in Las Vegas to bring you a host of celestial infusions and healing light from the galactic core.  This event will include many light infusions of prosperity and higher consciousness for your new journey ahead...this will be the biggest ethereal…


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