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August Planetary Message by Michelle Manders

August's Planetary Message is now avialble for you to download, for FREE. 
Eclipse Month is here!

August is full of triggers awakening us on levels we have never before.
The 3rd of August was the first Cosmic Trigger, the next one is on the the Full Moon on the 7th of August. We then have the 8:8:8 Lions gate Event. This will be when the Sun Chakra - the Solar Heart Chakra of the Divine Father, is merging with our lower chakras, securing the all-empowering Living Solar Light of Christ-All (Kryst-All) Consciousness within the upgraded grids of Mother Earth's Planetary Grid System. 
Her architecture has changed, her inner and outer landscapes have changed and now that the Divine Masculine and Feminine have reunited, the massive "Switch On" can happen. 
On the 13th of August 2016, some of my Universal-Earth Guardians traveled with my husband, Sean, and I to Romania to fullil our Oath of Service and our Divine Mission to Transylvania and the Bucegi Mountains in Busteni, Romania. We were honoured enough the be at site of the 50,000 year old advanced technology in these mountains. When I received the transmission and channelled it to my group, all the Beings of Benevolence present, collaborating with millions of other Benevolnet Beings and Systems of Living Light and Unconditional Living Love, reset Mother Earth's system. This was a massive Universal event and contributed greatly to the mass authentic awaking currently underway. (Visit my webiste and in the freebies section, scroll to page 4 and listen to the 8:8: Emerald Gateway channeling from 2016, as well as "Middle east Pase 4, with Romania - Part 12." This is the channelling I conducted at the Sphinx atop the Bucegi Muntains. These will give you a deeper understanding of what is happening this month and every month from here forward until December 20th, 2020.)
Because of how many souls are awakening, and because of how this is going to grow, you and I must be ready to ensure we are there for our newly awoken tribe, and so that we can show them the way home. This we do by leading by example. We are making it possible for millions of souls to awaken at a phenomenal rate as a result of what we have already transcended. We have done major ground work to make this possible. We must now be committed to our Spiritual path more than ever. In fact this should be our lifestyle. 
In paving the way for the masses to awaken now, we in turn have learnt and evolved so much that we can now stand in humility and joy-full gratitude for the honour of being the ones leading the way through this leg of the shift into Harmonic Universe 4. We have attained masses of spiritual wealth along the way which will prosper all realms of our life going forward. We are fully embracing the the Aurora Frequencies and making our way out of this 15 dimensional, 5 density, Universal Time Matrix into full spectrum Soul Liberation. Our Spirit totally free to merge with the source of Unconditional Living Love. 
I am so excited to share with you the new enegy I am channelling. These Beings are combined and are The Aurora-Oraphim, and another group of Beings called The Emmanuel. This enegy is magnificent and I am moved to the depths of my spirit to have been contacted by them and have the honour of serving as one of their Transmitters. Take a listen to this months planetary message and get a feel for yourself. 
Remember to join us for the live  8:8:8 Free Webinar on the 8th. Let your friends know and share the message once you receive your copy after the event.
In love, appreciation and deep gratitude to be of service to the ALL. 
Michelle xxx
Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith 

This is another of our free platforms where we share relevant, practical and up to date information pertaining to everything going down on Planet Earth and beyond, and how to to thrive in these new energies. 
If you are able to join our live platform, feel free to inertact with us, ask questions and contribute to supporting the mass awakening and welcoming more of our tribe home. 
Our Soul Chat platforms contain loads of gems of wisdom and a lot of the time we chat about things and share information we haven't shared in any other group. Faith and I have more than 20 years each in the industry and get great joy out of sharing our expertise with you. This is where you will get straighforward and loving support to aid you further in your awakeing. This is a casual platform and Faith and I LOVE what we do! 
Use this link if you plan on joining live. If you can't join us live, make sure you're on my mail list so that you are notified of our new episodes as they become available. The "Join my mail list" tab is at the top of this page.
This week's broadcast is available here. Enjoy!
Our broadcasts are also in the process of being added to You Tube,   our 1st show of the new season is there, the rest are being prepared as we speak. You can look forward to lot more information coming from me personally on this platform. 
New to me and my work? Take  a listen below to find out more about me and what I do. 
Michelle Manders Body and Mind Interview
Michelle Manders Body and Mind Interview
Palace of Peace | Lanseria, Johannesburg | |  

Michelle is a Relationship & Spiritual Wealth Coach and Mentor, Spiritual/Transformation Astrologer, and Founder/Owner/Director of www.michellemanders.comand Palace of Peace International. 
Michelle has been a Spiritual Entrepreneur, channel and teacher since 1996. She is a qualified astrologer, numerologist, crystalologist, Ancient Wisdom Keeper, Universal-Earth & Crystal Guardian, Planetary Grid Architect and Upgrader, and 2nd Level Inca Shaman. Michelle is currently completing her Doctorates in Metaphysical Science and Theocentric Psychology, and her PhD in Relationship Dynamics.

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