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Energies of March - Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou

Photo from: Jacky Parker in Flickr.

Beloved family of light, after a long period of review, changes and realizations we reached a new step. This is a moment for new beginnings and a moment of much clearer attunement with our deeper Being...

"Arriving" in March we have the opportunity to focus on something new, something that will allow the emergence of a greater feeling of freedom and expansion. Whichever challenges or changes you may have faced in the last months, this is the moment to make a step forward.

If we choose to remain stuck in the old, the only thing we achieve is to hinder our position and add to the drama. The focus or tendency of the energies at this time towards “focus” applies on all levels.

Focus your light, your energies towards the new direction and you will feel the relief coming with the closing and completion of things that need to end once and for all. This month supports us in moving forward not only on spiritual level but also practically.

As we will be moving through March and the new state, it’s very likely that we many need to face limiting issues such us personal fears regarding the new that is coming and they way we’ll be in it.


Planetary Attunement of the Souls!


Loved ones, at this point we move on a new level of personal and planetary attunement and we have prepared for this new phase. A harmonization of all souls takes place in this Month which is overlighted by the hosts of the inner planes.

The planetary spiritual Hierarchy projects an attunement which aligns us anew with the Ashram and the corresponding inner plane Masters. This stimulation will bring us in greater resonance with the Ashram we belong, our mission here and our path. We may see this as an attunement of each of the soul groups that are supervised by each (ascended) Master.

It looks like a spiritual restart on a new level, bringing about drastic changes in the vehicles of our consciousness. So a greater connection is being created with the ascended Masters and also with the guidance we receive for the next steps. At the same time new and meaningful cooperations are being formed, friendships and relationships that come to support our path.


Equinox, Eclipse and & New Moon:


One of the dynamic moments of March is on the 20th where our multidimensional aspects are being activated for a catalytic rebirth of the inner-outer reality while massive amounts of Soul energy are being released. Under the supervision of the Christ, holding the energy of Love, we are guided to an attunement with the fifth-dimensional solar Christ consciousness.

An energy wave opens here for which we have been prepared. A spiritual descension of the Christ Presence which comes (inside us) to illuminate and expand.

As you will be receiving this powerful embodiment of Light, embrace anything that will surface with greater compassion and soul strength. You may have realizations, insights and fast changes.

Remain in your center as many aspects of the lower self, emotions, behaviours and limitations are asking to be dismissed.

The Masters of the inner planes inform us that we have been prepared for this phase and all of us are ready to make the step. On a global level this embodiment of light means more positive changes and destruction of old models.


Dreams & Purification!


Beloved, in March you may notice an intense activity regarding dreams and through which old energies, fears and lower patterns are being released. Notice them as you may receive insights and realizations through your dreams.

After the recent upgrade of the solar disc and the activation of the golden codes, a new light and more love embraces our solar system.

The golden codes also help us to refine the center of the solar plexus and transmute the lower patterns. In parallel there is an activation of the second (sacral) chakra, creating a bridge of expression and stimulation of the throat chakra.

This means a greater need for expression and clarification of the way we express, new creativity, will for life and generosity. You may find useful to work these days with your energy centers, strengthening your field as you let go of all that you don’t need.

The entire scene of March unfolds a course of strong spiritual empowerment and also a gift to bring more joy and light in our lives.

We are now allowing the old to withdraw and a golden path opens before us. This will bring a greater connection with our Soul, our essence and also more healthy and harmonious relationships between humans.

This is a wonderful moment! Celebrate it.

Frixos Christodoulou.


|+| Important dates:

Full Moon: 5 March.

Vernal Equinox. Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon: 20 March.


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