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Energy Update: Dreams in Alignment with Love

We passed through a window in the past week in which energy has been intense again. Some may have had pains or sprains, fevers, emotional release or old patterns, emotional ups and downs, feeling agitated or angry for no good reason, feeling sad, feeling electricity in their bodies, or feeling tired. I felt emotional and I felt tired. In Mt.Shasta, a sacred vortex area of the planet, we notice things. I noticed that 3 of my friends had posted cloudship photos of sightings above and near the mountain.

Lenticular clouds gather and are thought to be cloaked lightships. I am including a couple here and also a ray of light coming down diagonally to Mt.Shasta. The three photos above were taken by Deborah Cardenas recently. We felt the energy intensity and shared our experiences, noting that something big was up!

What has been going on in the higher levels? Why are we feeling this way? On the higher levels, there are many beings of light working on our behalf. In Mt. Shasta we are noticing something crazy stuff going on!

We sensed that this was the case so many were called together to find out what is going on. What we found out was magnificent and profound. I am so excited to share it. To access information and experience multidimensional sensing, receive healing and attunement, we tuned in to Telos in a shamanic drum journey. Most of what I share is my own vision and perspective of experience, but it is confirmed by others seeing the same thing in their own way.

We discovered that the Star nations including the Arcturians are supporting us and gathering thus the sightings of cloudships. One person who is a channeler of a book about Telos with the Lemurians shares that ascended masters from Lemuria are meeting too, and they are doing ceremonies that change the energy of the entire planet. Some of us have come together to see with our multidimensional senses what is going on on the planet and in Mt.Shasta, and underground in the Fifth Dimensional City of Telos underneath Mt.Shasta, which is legendary. We get confirmation and intel from a shared experience that takes place privately for each of us during our shamanic drum journey to Telos. Then we each share our experience afterwards.

Vision: Before the journey even begins, I start having visions. I see the dream weavers, the women who weave the dreams of New Earth. They are from many cultures. What they do, in my vision is take bits of "dreams in alignment with love" which become strands of the web of life. I saw this is paper mache, constructed tubes. The strands connect to all life, plants and animals. They, the women dream weavers and also us, the collective consciousness build the web of life also they can be seen as grids of light. I saw the women taking bits of dream material and building these conduits of light for the grid so the new earth can be realized. The web of life was also the fabric of reality and at the same time made of strands colored thread. Later, in meditation, I saw the planet covered in highways of different colored lights, the rainbow rays, wrapping around the planet. Being multidimensional, it also has another representation which is that of timelines how new timelines or the highest timelines aligned with love are strengthened and created by the dreamweavers. We are the dreamweavers.

I was shown that what destroys the grid or web of life, and causes it to break down is when a person or people focusing on war, on politics, on divisive things, and on watching the news. Each of us contributes to the grid, especially if we are adding our love and positivity. The governments, the control matrix, and those who promote war want us to watch the news and think thoughts of discord, anything of a lower vibration as it breaks the grids by breaking the connection of light conduits that carry light, frequency, and information via light in the Christed grids of Mother Earth.

Dream Bits Aligned with Love

The Telosians, who are those beings in Telos and also Lemurians from the lost civilization of Lemuria, long ago. They kept a higher dimensional civilization underground and are here to help us move to experiencing that too. They were seen as fixing these strands of the weaving, that the dreamweavers were building with dreams bits aligned with love. The tubes/strands looked like paper mache material. Lemurians were fusing them together and mending them. The idea is like a broken electrical wire that is fused together and rejoined. Then I saw how light goes through the grid more when the strands are mended.

In another image, I saw myself in a meditation position, curled up with my head down representing the process of “going within” like in meditation. It was of the Weeping Buddha and here is a picture of a statue that represents what I am talking about. I was inside a little pod, kind of like the Matrix movies showed for humans being harvested off of the Matrix. However this was not a human powering the matrix grid in a way that takes the human's life force and powers it. It was a positive thing that was showing me how a person in meditation, dreaming, thinking or feeling in the space of love and peace will light up the grid. We are each connected to the grid and lighting it up with our positive thoughts and love, our vibrational frequency. It travels out from us as light through the conduits of the grids of light. Since we are always connected to source, we are not losing anything but being filled up with more light and life force as we offer it to the Earth's grids. This brings ascension closer and raises the vibration of Earth.

Ceremonies of the Ascended Masters and in Telos

In Telos, I experienced a water ceremony with water being poured over my head but it went all through me as this was a multidimensional experience. The water represents cleansing and purification. We are going through this, and the earth is going through this.

Meanwhile, another person on the journey at the same time, the channeler I mentioned, reported that the ascended masters from Lemuria are working together with special ceremonies within the last week with the dates April 29 to May 1. A photo from May 1 shows this ray of light coming down to Mt.Shasta from the heavens that a friend took a picture of when she was taking cloudship photos. See the photo above in this blog.

Day One of the ceremony by the Ascended Masters was about freedom, which was releasing anything that was not allowing all life to be free, which means clearing dark energies. This caused some intense energy on earth that many have felt. And speaking of ceremonies, the ascended masters did ceremonies for the water, earth and air, for the elements and elementals. This was in alignment with the experience my own personal water ceremony as in Telos, they were honoring and celebrating water. My information matched up with his. The second day healing, this has to do with assisting Gaia in further healing her grid systems as well as specific areas in which dark energies have recently been released. The day was about cleansing the earth, air and water for the benefit of Gaia and all of us on the surface. This day had to do with assisting the animal kingdoms in integrating the new, higher level energies such that they may also move through this transition with as much grace as possible.

The Third Day was a day of Love, doing ceremonies about that for the planet. On this day, all participants joined together to radiate love, the Divine Feminine and unity consciousness throughout the planet.

Chakra Clearing

I then experienced some personal healing of my chakras which was clearing them. I felt my third chakra, my will center, having strings pulled out of it. It also had some things put back in. I was hearing that this was to remove the history/experience/and any tendency to use "power over" others, and replace it with having "power within." The will center or solar chakra, the third one is all about the right use of will, and it makes sense for my healing to center on that. However, I sense this is going on collectively and energy sensitives may notice it. Others agreed that this was a time of chakra clearing especially for the Second and Third Chakras.

I also felt my Second chakra, the sacral chakra which is where the womb is for me, is about creativity, sexuality, and procreating. I felt that the energy of sexual healing for all women was being done to clear traumas and abuse. I am sure this extends to men, too.

Another participant experienced being gifted a special belt of protection made of dragon scales, and given to her by a dragon power animal. As part of this journey, we call in a power animal and hers was a dragon. The special belt made of dragon scales was to protect her three lower chakras and deflect any negative energy that tries to attach onto them. This confirms the chakra healing aspect that was happening in my experience.

As far as healing, there was an experience of clearing of old structures and implants. There was a shedding of old selves which for two of the participants took the form of old lives in which they did dark wizardry. Those lives, those patterns and memories, are being deleted and cleared from us so we can be at a higher vibration. This is good news if this is a collective reflection for all of us to shed our former selves and anything that is hindering our divine flow of energy, our divine selves in connection with our Greater I AM Presence (art below of this.)

I feel the same thing is happening in which I see the old emotional patterns from before in this lifetime, possibly others, being repeated recently and the awareness I have is allowing it to dissolve, once and for all finally. This can be an emotional experience yet very liberating. So be gentle with yourself is stuff is coming up. Do not take your thoughts and emotions personally or so seriously. Keep some witnessing consciousness happening if you go through this, of your emotional body moving through shift. It is important to really love yourself too, through all of this.

Tremors and Powerful Energy

I was seeing this web under the mountain in which little tremors of energy were being sent, but not earthquakes, or real tremors but energetic tremors from the lighting up of the grid to a higher level of light. The effect on us might be like earthquakes though, as it is intense and may affect our emotional life and our bodies. I asked about this, the answer is that it is necessary, and to ride the wave and not worry, we will all be okay and it is to raise the level of consciousness.

One participant shares this from his journal: Much work has been completed to repair Gaia’s crystal grids and ley lines and they were able now to infuse new, upgraded energies. He said that some of the very large crystals that were buried thousands of years ago to avoid destruction are being prepared to come back online. Specifically, these new energies would assist humans around the world in activating their Lemurian DNA and also, for those who were there, that they would begin to come back into their remembrance of their times in Lemuria and Atlantis. These energies are of love and unity consciousness. This refers to the global level project and the running theme of bringing teams and soul groups back together again to participate in the great shift that is taking place now.

When the information on the grid about the DNA, the ceremonies of the ascended masters was shared, I got truth chills, shivers, in my body. This is my personal sign that something is true, when somebody says something. It totally lights up my insides to feel this, in a good way. This gave confirmation to what I was seeing in parallel and reassurance of all being well. We really are shifting, people! It is happening on the higher levels with our star family and ascended master and angelic help. It is all coordinated with prime creator. I saw how the Telosians were communicating with the greater All that Is, in harmony with them and throughout the cosmos. The image of a purple spiral swirl representing the galaxy and cosmos appearing in Telos underground was there. They use this galactic swirl as sort of a communication device with feedback from the cosmos on what to do when in their councils. I saw that sometimes they meditations for peace in which they send out energy to the surface dwellers.

I asked what is going on this past week (prior to that day of our Telos Journey with the drum which was May 3), and the answer I got was that we were receiving DNA upgrades. We are being upgraded to a higher level. Two others got that information and images of double helixes. Outside of the Telos journey circle, another lightworker nodded her head in agreement when I shared the story. Apparently, Lemurian DNA in humans is coming online right now! How exciting!

I forgot to mention that when I arrived in Telos underground, I saw a group of people that were reaching out to one another and connected. They were sitting down in a group and reaching an arm or a hand to whoever was near them, with their hands on two different people each. It was showing, in that image, the difference between Telos and surface dwellers of Earth. The difference is that they know they are connected to all others (animals being equals). I did see animals on the same level and connected to this group of people, and also know plants and stones are connected. Two of us see animals as part of the circle and connected on the same level, animals on the periphery but present and sentient beings. The other difference between here and there, and I heard this loud and clear, is that they love and support one another. Earth can seem a place of competition and aloneness where you may think you have to do it yourself. New Earth is where we have unity, love and support for one another and do not have to do it alone. Let's make that happen and call more love and support for one another into our lives! Let's make the world a place of love.

It was so thrilling to see what is happening on this planet! It is thrilling to receive visions and have shared visions with others that show we are moving through something. It gives reassurance to any of us who are having a challenging time that this is an ascension process and to not take it personally, including our thoughts and emotions. We are moving through this, and we have help. We really are experiencing the shift we have been waiting for.

Keep your heart attuned to while remembering the grid of light, the web of life. Know that your positive thoughts and intentions help the grid flow your light to all beings. Know that when your love flows, it brings the New Earth into being.

Thanks so much, Shivrael Luminance River

Mt.Shasta, CA

Feel free to share this blog with attribution/links, thank you.

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