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Entering the Golden Field of Love: Eclipse Season Energy Report

 What do you wish to say about the energetic space many are experiencing this month?
As infinite intelligence, we represent the higher selves as a collective of knowing of the souls as one oversoul on planet earth. See, in your mind’s eye, a golden quantum field of knowing, represented by a symbol which represents love in the form of knowledge.

All souls wish to be immersed in this infinite field of love, which is who they truly are. They/We want to bring this to earth and have chosen to do so; they want to graduate from cycles of suffering. The symbol mentioned is your personal symbol, a key to access this golden field of love. The cycles of suffering represent personal and collective karma of cause and effect played out over aeons. And we assure you, speaking for all of you from you that your higher selves are united and collectivy choosing to shift. Do you feel the intensity, the changes within your being? Do not take this personally. See it with neutrality as the waves of change shift all life including each one of you.

Do you not see the signs of change? The signs which include so many people that are leaving the planet? Do you notice the signs of the intensity are becoming greater as greater light is embodied within all life? Your biological anatomy, your physiology is being affected greatly. Your lives and selves are becoming different on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

We invite you to tune into the golden field of light that represents everyone's higher selves in unity. This is the oversoul, this is the collective of love that you are. Listen to the love, feel this love and shift to that space. This work, your only work, is simple to be in the bliss presence space of your hearts. This is the place to return over and over in your practice. This is the space of love, the bliss presence space of the heart, of oneness, of the unity of all that is as a feeling is the work. Let your thoughts be surrendered to the greater whole and rest in this presence. This is the fuel for the shift, this the way through to the other side.
This month of August is a way through from one energetic space to another. The day of August 7 brought a Lunar Eclipse, a day for completions on this full moon. A day of releasing happened. The next day was the Lion's Gate in which was on the 8/8. Sirius spiritual energy is beamed to earth in this portal day. Now we are at a busy time of getting our lives together and the truth has been eclipsed. We have courage to acknowledge what needs change in our lives and we are taking action. We will come through this energetic portal wormhole a different being. We will walk through with less of what we came with whether it was exposed and ripped from us or it was laid aside by us intentionally and with love. We are in a space of being inspired with the highest love and doing what shoots us forward in this portal and into our lives where we come out the other side in service to the whole of humanity, and in service to ourselves, so that we may be the shiniest beings of light possible. We are asked to put aside what holds us back from expressing our true selves as our higher selves. It is a month of change. It is a month of sobering up to the truth of where we may have been slacking or out of balance. We are being pushed to our spiritual potential as loving beings, living in our hearts and being peaceful despite what is happening in the world.


It is a test and the world is shifting. We move through days of high energy and days of exhaustion. We move through emotions, and may find that old anger and sadness and grief arises to process and relief. It may actually feel good to do so. Do not push your emotions down, but let them flow. Emotion is energy in motion so let it be expressed and move and do not be afraid of feelings! Bring your unconditional self-love to accept and flow with whatever arises. It is simply appearing in the moment and moving through for another energetic space to be experienced. You may feel like you are being emptied and stripped away of who you are. Allow the flow and the emptiness to occur. We find our balance again and again, touching into the quantum field of the love that we all are. This month can be seen as an initiation of the highest order. On August 12, the planet Mercury goes retrograde. Before this, we felt the pre-shadow of Mercury about to go retrograde. Instead of being a bad thing, think of it as a slowing down and going inward, a time to review and revisit. Instead of communicating with others, communicate deeply with your inner self. This is a time in which the outer world may need to wait for big decisions, for making things happen, and for important communications in the outer. Go to the inner and commune with source and your own heart at this time. Be spacious for the flow of emotions to happen and the emptying of what need to be let go in this potent time.

Path of Totality

On the 21st, a magnificent eclipse will pass west to east in the USA. The Path of Totality is the location where the eclipse will be 100% with the moon blotting out most of the sun. For a couple minutes, the sky will become dark and stars will come out in the daytime. It all begins at 10:15am Pacific Time in Oregon and passes through the rest of the country. The Path of Totality means that which path of benefit to the greater whole versus the individual only.

There is an energy about the shadows coming to light, about what is hidden being seen. The Solar Eclipse has the power to expose truths in our lives, and in the whole USA. It is like a trigger that passes through the country and we all feel the effects, worldwide. Expect the great revealing in ways you cannot imagine, finally. It is an eclipse of karma making a path right across America, the cause and effects of that which has caused suffering for life on the planet. It represents the choice by the collective to end these cycles. First we sort through the shadows and see what we have been pushing down, like our personal emotions and the suffering of wrongs done to life. We bring our compassion, and we now choose a correcting of the course of humanity, a new course, the Path of Totality.

Bringing us Together

Many people are interested in seeing this eclipse phenomena (with special glasses) or tuning in to the energy of it, with many viewing it online. Having so many people around the world unified in watching it during this same moment time is a potential turning point for consciousness, both individual and collective. It is a positive anchor for timelines instead of a tragic event as other anchors have been for the collective. It is a nexus point of change.
Something is symbolic about a shadow crossing the light of the sun and then the sun returning. It is a journey into the depths of our soul and our collective oversoul, as if the oversoul were an ocean of oneness. The seeds of dreams for unity will be germinating within everyone's hearts. It is as if this Quantum Field of Love, representing the combined souls of all as one are activated by the sun, through the Sun and Moon dance on this day. We feel the miracle of the movement of these celestial bodies and our own oneness with them, and with the greater whole.
This is the awakening to the whole, that we are united with earth, the moon, the sun, all plants and animals and minerals, and other humans of all ages and races and countries. The eclipse is something to pay attention to and allow the heart to shift from the individual experience to the greater oneness experience. As we are one being in many different fractals or human bodies, we are also individuals and this whole month offers up celestial doses of inner change so we may be who we truly came to be this incarnation.

Expect shifts in our lives, from where we live, who we are with as partners, the jobs we do, what we eat, how we think. Expect a letting go of some of the physical 3D anchors and a deeper trust and knowing in our 5D experience. Expect to face our ways that we have not been living up to who we could be, as our most pure positive potential. Imaging a timeline that we choose, our own personal one that has a vibration in resonance with the love we are, our pure potential. Know source is shifting us to that highest timeline this month, the highest potential for us and the highest potential for the planet. We are given so much support from source to make changes we want in our lives. We are infinitely loved and supported by the one we are. It is all going to be okay. Keep breathing and celebrate who you are becoming and who we are becoming.
Wishing you an amazing rest of the month,
Shivrael Luminance River
Akashic Intuitive Reader and Teacher in Mt.Shasta, CA
I am grateful to share this and feel free to republish with credit and a link.  I am excited to be traveling to Oregon to see this eclipse in totality on August 21st! Enjoy it wherever you are and thank you for your witnessing and participation in all of this. The image below is the Path of Totality across the United States.


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Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on August 14, 2017 at 1:56am

Nice posts, thanks for sharing!

Comment by LuminanceRiver on August 11, 2017 at 11:35pm

Ramsiel: thanks for showing me about the unity meditation! COOL BEANS!  

Lydia: thank you for the kind words dear heart! 

Comment by Lydia on August 11, 2017 at 11:13pm
Thank you LuminanceRiver for the share and thank you Rams for the beautiful video! :)
In Unity and Love...... xox
Comment by ramsiel on August 11, 2017 at 9:21pm


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