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I Am...And Your Are... What You Affirm & Practice ! by Steven Hutchinson

I Am...And Your Are... What You Affirm & Practice !

by Steven Hutchinson

I say &  practice the affirmations below daily - but let your Divine Self guide you in how often to practice any, or all of them.

All of the prayer affirmations below have the Creator's Loving Presence & Power & Creative Intelligence embedded in them to help you feel, manifest, and embody to the highest & most divinely perfect degree possible for each of you what is being affirmed, (either healing or spiritual upliftment). I recommend affirming them out loud, (or silently if that feels more right for you), when you are ready to meditate. And when you are divinely led to do so - you may also want to pause for a few moments with some of the affirmations and just be fully conscious in the moment & breathe in the divine energy & receive any Divine Guidance that comes to you.


Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all,

1. My mind & my Whole Being are united in Oneness & Unity in every moment with the Creator...and with the 144 original extensions of the Creator. The Creator & the original 144 extensions of the Creator & the Golden Christ Consciousness are all embodied in every cell in my body & in all of my DNA & in my Whole Being. I Am the Christ Consciousness ! My Whole Being, and every beautiful cell in my body, is radiating the Creator's Perfection & Christ Consciousness in Love, Joy, and Happiness in every moment. The Supreme Intelligence of God & Christ Consciousness governs, guides, & guards every cell in my body as well my Whole Being while continually guiding the manifestation of the Creator's Perfection in me & through me. My mind & the Divine Intelligence in every cell of my body are united in Oneness with this Supreme Intelligence & Christ Consciousness, & this Divine Energy is anchored in my Solar Plexus Chakra. The Creator's Divine Energy and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me, creating in every moment my healthy body & 5th Dimensional Self & my reality that's always unfolding harmoniously, with Divine Grace, & in the Creator's Perfection.Thank You God ! And So It Is !
 2. I Am united in Oneness & Unity With Gaia (Mother Earth). I Am continually sending the Highest Divine Love & Light to Gaia & to Mother/Father/God with my every breath, and I continually receive & lovingly accept the Highest Divine Love & Light from Gaia & Mother/Father/God. My Whole Being is grounded in every moment on Gaia & in the heart chakra of Gaia & God thru my Golden grounding cord. My Golden, Platinum, & Magenta Nets of Protection always keep my Whole Being protected from all vibrations & activity not of God's Light & Love, & also protects my Whole Being from all parasites.....I Am experiencing Divine Peace & Harmony on all levels of my Being in every moment. My Mind & my Whole Being are centered & anchored in the Divine Stillness & Love & Peace of the Creator in my Higher Heart Chakra in every moment. Anchored in this Divine Stillness in my Higher Heart Chakra, I Am continually & smoothly flowing with my every breath in a River of The Creator's Golden Christ Consciousness & Abundant Infinite Divine Love. I Am perfectly aligned in every moment with the Energies of the Divine Flow of the Creator's Christ Consciousness & Abundant Infinite Divine Love, and I embody these Divine Energies with my every breath. I Am always manifesting the Creator's Love, Will, Creativity, & Power in me & through me for the highest good of all. I Am the perfection of the Creator embodied as an Angelic Divine Human in a healthy 5th dimensional body. I Am the Miracle Energy of the Creator embodied & manifesting fully in me & thru me in this eternal moment of Now ! I Am the Creator's Divine Architect for all aspects of my life & bring the Creator's Supreme Light into physical form in me & through me in every moment ! I Am a Divine Portal for the Creator's Light & Christ Consciousness. Thank You God! And So It Is!
3.The Prism Of Light Healing Chamber: I ask my Divine Self & AA Metatron to create, activate, & maintain the Prism of Light Healing Chamber around me (a hexagonal prism chamber is created around you as soon as you ask). Assisted & guided by My Divine Self & AA Metatron, I continually experience the highest vibrational relationships with AA Metatron & the Angelic Kingdom & all the Divine Beings helping me. And assisted again by my Divine Self and the Divine Beings helping me - my Whole Being is now aligned to the Divine Energies of the Angelic Kingdom as well as the Prism of Light Healing Energies at the purest vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom, and this divinely perfect alignment is maintained in every moment. Through my heart chakra & higher heart chakra, I enter into the Prism of Light Healing Chamber, & I see or acknowledge its hexagonal shape surrounding me. And I now feel the myriad colorful Creator Light frequencies encompassing my being. I acknowledge the Angelic Beings present surrounding the Healing Prism as well as the Creator's Presence connecting deeply with my Whole Being... and all are ready to help me manifest my intentions in being in the Healing Prism Chamber (you can intend healing on any level, or spiritual upliftment). I feel the loving Presence of the Creator & the Divine Beings surrounding me. I surrender my entire being to the Light, Love, & Power of the Creator and the Divine Beings helping me, and I allow the Creator to raise my vibrations, & heal & rejuvenate my body, & reactivate or reencode my Whole Being, which allows the necessary codes and templates to be embodied in me for the appropriate healing & rejuvenation & spiritual upliftment to be active within my being. With my every breath I breathe in and receive in my Healing Prism Chamber all of the Light & Love & full healing & rejuvenating & uplifting Energy & Divine Creator Assistance I need. I Am always consciously present & aware of the Light of the Creator radiating throughout my Being & illuminating any areas within me that is in need of healing. I can now feel or sense every cell in my body being healed & rejuvenated... & now radiating the Creator's Perfection in Divine Love, Joy, & Happiness.I Am Healthy. I Am Joyful. I Am Happy.Thank You God ! And So It Is !  
4.I ask my Divine Self & the Divine Beings helping me to help me to activate, experience, & embody in every moment in my Whole Being, & in every cell of my body, the Divine Light & Energies of Divine Happiness & Christ Consciousness from my Soul..... and from Mother/Father/God.....and the Light &  Energies of Divine Joy & Christ Consciousness from my Soul.... and from Mother/father/God. I Am embodying in every cell of my body, & in my Whole Being, the Divine Vibrations of the Creator's Abundant Infinite Divine Love, Divine Joy, Happiness, & Christ Consciousness with my every breath... and all of this Divine Energy that I Am breathing in & experiencing & embodying is continually radiated throughout my aura & into all aspects of my life. Thank You God! And So It Is !
5. I lovingly call upon my Divine Self & all the Divine Beings with me to continue to help me manifest all of my prayer affirmations and Father/Mother/God's Pure Divine Will in every moment for the highest good of all, including a total healing, rejuvenation, & restoration of the perfect Divine functioning of my entire body. I surrender to the Light & Love & Power of my Divine Self & all these Divine Beings that are helping me. I now lovingly call forth from Gaia & from Prime Source all of the Codes & Templates & Rays & Flames of the Creator that have healed & rejuvenated my body, restoring all of its perfect Divine functioning; & have healed & released all other blocks to my spiritual growth & ascension; and have created in me a 5th dimensional crystalline body of Light; and have helped expand the spiritual upliftment & awakening in every human beingI continually breathe in & extend this Divine Light Energy throughout Gaia, & to every human being with my every Creator's Breath. And my Whole Being exists in a state of loving acceptance & surrender to the  activity of each Light wave performing its intelligent functions throughout my Whole Being.  I Am the Breath of Life & Light of the Creator for my Whole Being . I Am the Creator's Pure Healing & Rejuvenating & Creative Light & Power In action in me in every moment of this eternal Now ! I Am manifesting God's Divine Will & Perfection in every cell in my body & in my Whole Being; & I easily learn & assimilate & embody everything needed for my spiritual growth & ascension...and everything I need always flows to me with perfect divine timing. United in oneness with all aspects of the Creator - the Creator's Divine Sound and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me, harmoniously creating in every moment my healthy body & self & reality in the Creator's PerfectionMy Whole Being is a pure & perfect manifestation of the Creator. The Creator in me is now manifesting a divinely perfect crystalline body existing in my perfectly healthy physical body. Thank You God ! And So It Is !
6. I Am experiencing Perfect Divine Health in my body & in my Whole Being. I Am an embodied Angelic Ascended Master, & my Whole Being has transformed into a beautiful angelic 5th dimensional Being. All of my bodies, including every cell, are now beautiful Crystalline Cells & Bodies of Light...& my physical body has transformed into a beautiful, healthy, & youthful body. Thank You God ! And So It Is!
7.Walking or driving mantra: Jay Sita Ram, Jay Jay Sita Ram
8. I Am Abundant Infinite Divine Love. I Am Divine Forgiveness & Compassion. I Am Divine Harmony. I Am Divine Peace. I Am Divine Surrender.
    I Am All of the Qualities of the Creator's Perfection continually In Action in me and through me in every moment !
    I Am the Light & Energies of all of the Divine Qualities of God's Perfection continually manifesting, anchoring, & being embodied in me with my every breath.... and in every human being in God's own wise and perfect way.
   I AM God's Infinite Light and BEAUTY in Action – NOW!
    I AM God's Wondrous Transfiguring LOVE and COMPASSION & FORGIVENESS IN ACTION – NOW!
    I Am God's Abundant Infinite Divine Love !
    I Am my Infinite Self & Abundant Infinite Divine Love in Action Now !
    I AM All That I AM. 
    I Am a Beacon of Abundant Infinite Divine Love & Light, and I express this ever-flowing Divine Love & Light eternally. 
    I accept, honor, & surrender to this Divine Love that is my natural state of existence.
    I Am an embodiment of & True & Divine expression of God's Love & Light! Thank You God! And So It Is!

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